As a ventriloquist, Sati can trigger a non-stop explosion of laughter in his audiences. He has been entertaining thousands of people in the USA, Europe, and India for more than two decades. Sati seamlessly blends ventriloquism, hand shadow puppetry, magic, caricaturing, and music in his performances. This unique combination of various art forms makes his programs highly entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable for children as well as adults. Betsy Goldman of CNN has commented that “Sati is so entertaining and talented!”



Meet Sati’s Buddies


He is a mischievous and naughty young man. With his sarcastic tongue he can easily tear Sati’s self-esteem into pieces. No wonder, Kishore has been crowned as the “King of Mockery and Insults”. He occasionally communicates with his dead Grandma through her picture and together they sing many nostalgic nursery rhymes. Their chit-chat is always hilarious.


She is a sexy-looking and seductive young woman. She is a singing sensation in Bollywood, with many “hit songs” to her credit. When you ask her what’s the secret of her producing so many “hit songs”, she has a candid and totally surprising answer to your question.

Dr.Charlie D’Souza

Dr. Charlie claims that he has a Ph.D. Unfortunately, nobody has been able to verify his tall claim. He is a motivational speaker and is currently in India on a lecture circuit. His mission is to share his knowledge and wisdom with those Indians who are interested in becoming highly successful in life. However, when you listen to his “pearls of wisdom” the listeners are dumbfounded. One must, however, give credit to Dr. Charlie, for his talent to sing Bollywood songs, especially Kishore Kumar’s golden hit songs.


Soon after his birth, Jinju was left at the door steps of an orphanage by his parents who did not want to bring him up. So whenever he goes out with Sati, he is always on the look out for his parents. Jinju is a very cute and adorable baby. At the same time, from whatever little he can mumble, you can be rest assured that he is a “mischief unlimited”, and a disaster-in-waiting!

Smiley Sam

He is a pleasant and well-behaved boy to everyone else, except to Sati. Even though he grins all the time showing off all his 32 teeth, he has the audacity to ask Sati to ask why he is grinning always. He even recommends to Sati that he should take off all his teeth so that he will not look ugly!

James Bond 008

He is a talking monkey from the African Jungles. He is an ardent Bollywood fan who does not miss watching any Bollywood film. The names of A-list Bollywood actors are at the tip of his fingers. He claims that Sati is his uncle and considers that each and every one in the audiences he comes across are his family members.


Toms thinks highly about himself and he has no qualms in admitting that. He is very comfortable in names dropping. He claims that US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are his close friends and they always take his advice on national and international affairs. Toms is a chronic bachelor and when you ask him why, he will tell you the reasons for not getting married. But he is proud to say that he has at least a girl friend, whom he started loving at second sight.


Gallagher is a pretty bird from the Amazon forest in Brazil. Being a migratory bird, every year she travels around 14000 kilometers. Does she use GPS for navigation? No, not all. Instead she is guided by the Sun, stars, earth’s magnetic field, and his own mental mapping. Gallagher visits several countries. In particular, she makes it a point to visit India every year to meet his friends.


Gogoi is a cute penguin from Antartica. He considers that he is a victim of climate change and hence he has decided to travel around the globe as a tourist. He is very fast in picking up the local language wherever he goes, and he can even speak with the local slang.

Tony Eatwell

Tony is outrageously funny and is at his best when he belittles and embarrasses Sati in front of audiences! After enjoying a peaceful retired life for about a decade, Tony is back to an active life. Currently he is on the look out for a full time job to sustain himself, and is busy attending job interviews. Let’s wish best of luck to Tony in his job search.

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