“Mr. Sati Achath’s ventriloquism performance was inspiring and bench marked with high degree of professionalism.”

Dr. V.M. Xaviour, Additional Coordinator, School of Management Studies, Dr. John Mathai Centre, University of Calicut, Thrissur, Kerala,

“ Your Novelty Act, consisting of ventriloquism, hand shadows, and magic, was indeed impressive and entertaining. The audience thoroughly enjoyed your brilliant performance. I am sure other universities would benefit from your valuable skills as a multi-talented individual”

Vani Uppugunduri, Student Director, Lamar University, Texas

“Thank you Sati for putting on the ‘Ventriloquism, Magic, and Hand Shadows’ to benefit the United Way Campaign. Everybody had a great time and I heard nothing but praise afterwards.”

Jill Partington, International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC

“Sati Achath is one of the few people in the world who can conjure up celebrities ranging from Michael Jackson to Mother Teresa with nothing more than his hands and a light.”

The Washington Post,

“Achath just may be the best-known hand shadow expert in the world. He may, in fact, be the only hand shadow expert in the world”

The Baltimore Sun,

“Low-tech entertainment comes out of shadows. Master Sati Achath hold his art form in spotlight.”

USA Today,

“Sati Achath’s presentation was awesome and remarkable. He was very articulate and engaging. His clever way of incorporating ventriloquism, hand shadows, magic, and caricaturing into the presentation was quite unique and innovative. In brief, Sati’s presentation was powerful and inspiring.”

Cyndi Hall, Rotary Club, Waldorf, Maryland, USA

“It is easy to see why you were such a hit in that conference room of Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce, as well as on the big stage of America’s Got Talent! You have a great personality, and are very friendly, humble and approachable.”

David Emanuel, Executive Director, Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce, MD

“Your speech, ventriloquism, magic, caricature, and hand shadows carried a very good positive and memorable impact on the participants. Your positive message charged me with enthusiasm and good spirit. I would be in touch with you for your guidance.”

K. Kannaiah, Executive Committee Member, NHRD Hosur Chapter, India

“Sati is so entertaining and talented!”

Betsy Goldman, CNN

“Many thanks for your visit to our campus. This was quite a different kind of interactive session for our students and they enjoyed very much your ventriloquism, hand shadows, and caricatures.”

Dr.Raghu Raman, Dean, Amrita School of Business , Coimbatore, India